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Introduction to Mushroom Cultivation and Mycology

Interested in learning how mushrooms can improve your life? Join Myco Alliance for an introductory class on the art and science of mushroom cultivation. Learn how to grow gourmet and medicinal mushrooms for food, health, or profit following simple low-tech strategies. We will explore the ecological and cultural importance of fungi and mushrooms in the world and show how fungi can help rebuild our soil and remediate urban pollution. You will walk away with both theory and basic skills for mushroom cultivation and the ability to integrate this knowledge directly into your home, garden, or farm. This class is an excellent primer for anyone looking to begin working with one of our most important allies of the natural world. 

Topics covered include:

– Ecology and Life Cycle of Fungi
– Mycelium Expansion
– Recycling Cardboard and Coffee with Fungi
– Mushroom Gardening and Companion Cultivatio
– Growing Mushrooms in a Greenhouse
– Mushrooms for Food and Medicine

Cost: $50 per person