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Cordyceps Cultivation Workshop


Cultivation workshop covering techniques and new findings on Cordyceps militaris mushrooms, led by William Padilla-Brown of MycoSymbiotics from North Carolina, with Daniel Reyes of Myco Alliance. Cordyceps mushrooms are becoming more popular in North America as more research comes out on their pharmacological activity. This workshop covers the ins and outs of working with Cordyceps militaris from the wild to growing them commercially. Discover the history, learn where we are, and explore the future of human interaction with this interesting mushroom. William Padilla-Brown has been working with Cordyceps militaris for 2 years, and is the first mycologist teaching the public about cultivating Cordyceps fruit bodies in North America. This workshop is 5 hours.

Earlier Event: November 1
Fungal Fortunes
Later Event: November 15
The Art and Science of Mycology