Internship Summer-Fall 2018




Myco Alliance has an exciting new internship program based in Austin, TX that offers learning opportunities and work experience in the growing field of Mycology.  These positions are exclusive to individuals living in the Austin area. The selected candidates will work on unique projects in a team environment and have the opportunity to develop technical and interpersonal skills.

Deadline to submit your application is May 31st, 2018.

Assistant Mycologist

Seeking an individual with 1-3 years of Mycology experience who will assist with classes and workshops, field experiments, lab work, and mycology research.

10-20 hrs/week

Volunteer Coordinator

Must have the ability to communicate with, supervise, and empower volunteers to be effective in their roles. Previous experience leading volunteer groups preferred.

5-10 hrs/week

Grant Writer

Seeking an individual that can identify and develop funding sources to support existing and planned program activities. Must be capable of coordinating the development, writing, and submission process of grant proposals from start to finish.

5-10 hrs/week


Content Curator

Responsible for compiling different types of information and distilling into online-friendly formats. Must be able to create content for emails, flyers, social media posts, blogs, and publications (articles, zines, scientific studies).

5-10 hrs/week