Mycology Skills Clinic

Mycology Skills Clinic

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We invite you to participate in this special community event supporting the work we're doing in Mexico this summer under the "Mushrooms for Economic Renewal" campaign, in which we aim to develop economic and food resilience through mushroom cultivation in historically impoverished regions of Mexico as well as those affected by the 7.1 magnitude earthquake of September 19th, 2017.

The Mycology Skills Clinic is an all-day event where Daniel Reyes of Myco Alliance will present the objectives of the campaign and demonstrate several beginner and advanced techniques for mycelium expansion and mushroom cultivation. This event is ideal for anyone who has taken either the Intro to Mycology class at Two Hives or the hands-on workshop at Circle Acres and is looking to add depth to their fundamental understanding of the practice. For others, learn what it takes to get started in the field of Mycology and begin your journey down the fungal rabbithole. The Clinic includes two demonstration modules where participants will get experience making their own mycelium spawn from scratch in a low-tech lab setting.

Clinic Schedule:

9am - 12pm: Project Overview and Basic Skills
1pm - 4pm: Demonstration Modules/Advanced Skills
1) Making and using agar, liquid culture, and grain spawn
2) Cloning wild mushrooms and maintaining a culture library


Mushrooms for Economic Renewal:


This project began in October 2017, just weeks after the devastating September 19th earthquake, when Daniel Reyes of Myco Alliance traveled down to Mexico City to join Hector Meza and the "Desde Cero" group to give a handful of Mycology classes and workshops at cultural spaces like BANDINI Espacio Cultural in the heart of Mexico City. We also visited a local middle school to demonstrate how to grow mushrooms in a greenhouse using nursery pots. The response to these classes was unbelievable, and the capacity that the local people had to understand the value of the information being presented convinced us to return and expand upon this experience. 


This year we are returning to 4 states in Mexico to continue our goal to spread this crucial information about the Fungi Kingdom and help as many people recover economically through the sustainable cultivation of edible and medicinal mushrooms. We will kick things off in early July with a trip to the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula to do a fungal biodiversity survey of macromycetes inside the lowland flooded forests of the Reserva Ecologica Manglares de Chivoja near Ciudad del Carmen in Campeche. There, we hope to find rare species of decomposing fungi, specially white-rots, that can help break down urban and agricultural waste streams and provide the local people with economic opportunities by sharing with them the tools to collect, expand, and cultivate these species. We will also stop by Merida to offer low-tech/urban mushroom cultivation classes and workshops.


Our second leg includes a visit to the state of Oaxaca where we will link up with artisanal mezcal producers and share with them the skills to grow mushrooms using the byproducts of the distillation process called "bagazo". Previous studies have shown the ability of the common Oyster Mushroom (Pleurotus ostreatus) to break down the spent agave fibers that often end up as pollution in nearby waterways. We also hope to find local species of white-rot fungi that can match the ability of the powerful Oysters to break down these complex materials.

The third and final leg will be our return to Mexico City to once again collaborate with the wonderful people of BANDINI and Desde Cero to offer classes, workshops, and a summary of our experience spreading spores throughout Mexico's southernmost states.


Thank you for supporting this project. Stay tuned for more updates.