The Research Station


The Research Station

The Research Station is a cooperative effort between Myco Alliance, Ecology Action, and a network of volunteers to promote citizen science research in Central Texas. Located within Circle Acres, the Research Station is fundamental to Myco Alliance’s work by providing the space to host classes, workshops,  mycelium production, mushroom cultivation, and cutting edge research. We welcome citizen scientists, students, and professionals from all parts of Texas and abroad to carry out their research projects.  The Outdoor Classroom allows our educational programming to flourish. Rainwater Harvesting provides us with the most essential of all resources: WATER. The Mycelium Factory takes what we've learned about Fungal Ecology and mimics these natural processes for mycelium production and mushroom cultivation. Demonstration Areas allow visitors to learn more about outdoor and companion cultivation.



Outdoor Classroom

Myco Alliance provides classes and hands-on experiences to groups of students and citizen scientists on topics such as applied mycology, environmental remediation, and mushroom cultivation. Our workshops held at the Outdoor Classroom cover theory and skills for growing edible and medicinal mushrooms and provide you with the framework to integrate this knowledge into your home, garden or farm.

 Please visit our Workshops page for more information on all our course offerings.


Mycelium Factory

Fungi have been utilized for thousands of years and their importance in agriculture, medicine, food production and the environmental sciences is well known. We use the Mycelium Factory to research the ways that fungi can improve the conditions of existing and future industries through a process of converting urban and agricultural by-products into viable substrate for the mycelium, the body of a fungus, to grow on. The mycelium is then used for educational purposes, scientific research, and mushroom cultivation.


Rainwater Harvesting

The rainwater collected with our system is stored in large storage tanks for both outdoor and indoor uses at the Research Station. Rainwater harvesting helps control stormwater runoff, which reduces the risk of erosion in the gardens and environmentally sensitive areas at Circle Acres. The storage capacity for rainwater is now up to 5,500 gallons using our collection system, helping us save money that can be better spent developing our educational and scientific programing at the site.