Myco Alliance provides consultation and on-site services in the art and science of  Mushroom Cultivation and Applied Mycology. We cover a broad spectrum of consulting services to meet you exactly where you are with your practice. Whether you are just getting started or have years of experience,  let us know what your needs are.

No charge for initial call (20 mins). 

Options include:

- Mycelium Landscapes: Outdoor mushroom gardening, myco-permaculture, and ecological restoration.

- Mycology Lab: From introducing sterile technique and building starter laboratories, to starting cultures from cuttings and spores, all the way up through small scale commercial spawn production.

- Indoor Mushroom Cultivation: We'll help you create artificial growing conditions for a variety of mushrooms using basic and advanced skills. Includes humidification strategies, air circulation, temperature control, and natural pest abatement. 

- Fungal Biodiversity Survey: We'll locate and identify mushrooms and other fungi on your property for conservation and commercial purposes.



We offer private classes to individuals or groups interested in learning more about the fascinating field of Mycology. Designed to inspire and engage learners, our private classes meet curriculum targets across a range of subjects related to fungi and cater for different ages, abilities and learning needs. Combinations of class topics are available per request.

Class topics include:  Introduction to Mycology, Urban Mushroom Cultivation, Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation, Edible Mushrooms, Medicinal Mushrooms, Mycoremediation, Spawn Production, Mycorrhizal Applications, Recycling and Composting with Fungi.



    Book a school visit to Circle Acres where our inspirational landscapes and cutting-edge research will encourage scientific inquiry and inspire curiosity and fascination about the natural world - for today and the future! We provide assisted visits with education sessions led by one of our skilled and knowledgeable instructors.

    Assisted Visit Includes: Hands-on, curriculum-linked activities led by a Myco Alliance instructor; Interactive tour of Circle Acres; Educational giveaways such as grow kits and mushroom samples; Small (0-15 students) or Large (>15 students) class sizes.