Join us at Circle Acres Nature Preserve every Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am to 5pm for volunteer opportunities. Enjoy the beauty of the Nature Preserve while working for a good cause - building healthy soils and creating an interactive educational hub for Austin's park lovers and citizen scientists!

**Please note: It is important to register at least 2 days in advance to volunteering. Myco Alliance cannot guarantee that staff will be on-site or available to provide direction if this action is not taken. Thank you.**

Goals for 2018:


- Complete the outdoor Fungarium! A project that will be a launchpad for groundbreaking data collection about local species of the Fungi Kingdom.

- Harvest and weigh weekly yields of mushrooms from the greenhouse. Volunteers are rewarded with edible mushrooms! Regular volunteers may take home a fruiting block, for continued at-home harvesting.

- Install and monitor the Garden Demo Area, which will provide a relaxing, mycologically-focused learning area complete with informational signs, light reading brochures, myceliated garden beds with fungi view-ports that showcase the mycelium within the soil, fungal companion planting, myceliated compost, and fungi-themed art installations.

- Transform the southernmost hillside into a terraced, ecologically resilient and sustainable landscape. The hillside will be an adventure and experiment into mycoremediative and phytoremediative landscaping for the purpose of erosion control and water conservation.


- Re-mulch the Research Station (including the Outdoor Classroom and Mycelium Factory), Garden Demo Area, and connecting trails and pathways.

- Phyto and mycoremediative landscaping of the entire site. Plant and inoculate responsibly with the design guidance of Ecology Action's Eric Paulus and the hands-on guidance of MycoAlliance's Daniel Reyes and Kate Avery.

- Upgrade the Mycelium Factory. Help build and install new features inside of the mycelium factory. Help us increase the amount of mycelium we are running for the benefit of Austin's urban soils.


Your collaborative stewardship will help transform Circle Acres from nature preserve to remediated brownfield site and urban forest, elevate the status of the Fungi Kingdom to a state of recognition and familiarity in our central Texas community and beyond, and help MycoAlliance achieve our ecological dreams of weaving community health into the health of our natural environment.